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There are certain themes in Scripture that tend to beat you over the head with their persistence. Idolatry is one of those. It’s such a prominent theme in Scripture that some have said it is the central theme of the entire Bible.[1] And when it comes to idolatry, we humans are endlessly creative. As John Calvin said, “The heart of man is a perpetual factory of idols.” Give us the chance, and we’ll replace God with any and every object, person, ideal, or dream.

Most modern people don’t quite get the Bible’s obsession with idolatry. We think of idolatry as an ancient problem for backwards people who bowed down to statues, not a relevant one for sophisticated folks like us. But we aren’t beyond idolatry. We simply dress it up in different clothes.

Acts 19 gives us 5 insights into the reality of idolatry for us today:

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My friend Trevin Wax recently asked Veronica and me to highlight our new parenting resource, Ready to Launch, on his blog. He was a gracious host, so I’ve included some of the interview Q&A here. You can read the original interview on his blog.


Trevin: The world tells parents they should be centered on kids; as a pastor, you tell parents they should be centered on Jesus. The primary responsibility of both the church and the home is to teach the next generation the gospel.

Some people may hear a statement like that and think “teaching” in the classroom sense of getting your kids to sit down in rows and hear you tell Bible stories. That’s not what you’re talking about here. What does a broader vision of teaching your kids the gospel look like?

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Wisdom For Your Weekend: your weekly installment of things we’ve been reading around the web.

Infographic of the Week

How Long Does It Take To Read Each Book of the Bible? Andy Naselli. Most of us struggle to find time to read the Bible. But how much time are we talking about, anyway? Naselli gives a helpful chart that should encourage us to tackle entire books of the Bible in one sitting. Take this as a helpful benchmark or as a personal challenge (Eleven minutes for Malachi? Just watch me!) His other tips for better Bible reading are top-notch, as well.

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