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Your weekly installment of what we’ve been reading (and watching) around the web.

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The Complementarian Woman: Permitted or Pursued? Jen Wilkin. The complementarian position states that men and women, created differently by God, are designed to fulfill unique roles within the family and the church. Unfortunately, though, in our well-meaning desire to keep this truth alive, we sometimes emphasize the negative so much that we fail to highlight the positive. Our churches must grow in how they talk about women exercising their gifts: a robust complementarianism doesn’t merely permit women to serve; it actively pursues those opportunities.

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What a year. While not wanting to wish any time away, we’re thankful to be so near a fresh start in 2017. Yet looking back at Pastor J.D.’s most popular blog posts of 2016, I (Allison) am reminded that there was a lot to learn from the grueling political season and all the hot-button issues facing the church.

So here’s to 2016 and auld lang syne and all that. And even more, here’s to 2017 and the hope that we’ll be better for lessons learned this year and applied to the next. Here are the top 10 blog posts (your favorites, at least!) for the year that may help you do just that.

Happy reading! And Happy New Year!

10. The Biggest Questions I Get on Genesis 1 and 2

Contradictions and timelines and dinosaurs—oh my! While the questions addressed here aren’t the only ones that matter, they are apparently very popular ones. Pastor J.D. gives answers but also encouragement on how to study Genesis and approach differing beliefs on the subjects. Continue Reading…


Your weekly installment of what we’ve been reading (and watching) around the web.

Book Review of the Week

A New Poverty, by Rod Liddle. (A review of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, by J.D. Vance) As a general rule, I (Chris) try to avoid the “it” thing, whether it’s a popular piece of technology, a hot new store, or a widely acclaimed book. So I was reluctant to pick up J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy. I did pick it up, however, and Vance grabbed me by the collar in the first few paragraphs. So I join the chorus of many, without shame, declaring this the best book I’ve encountered in 2016. Liddle’s review does more than simply praise Vance (which would be my inclination), and points at the deeper ideological issues that Vance so colorfully unfolds. Read this review. Better yet, read Vance.

Video of the Week

Can a Christian Love Jesus but Not the Church? Trip Lee. The answer to this question may seem rather obvious, but I (Chris) love how Trip Lee approaches it. This is an encouraging example for those of us who want to motivate people to engage in the church, even if they bring a lot of baggage to the conversation.

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