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Is Drunk Noah In Your Mural?

Posted by Pastor J.D. on February 9, 2016

This past weekend, as I preached on Noah, I took a good-natured, below-the-belt shot at those parents who choose to use “Noah and the Ark” as their cuddly nursery theme. As I pointed out, Noah’s story isn’t very kid-friendly. Even at the end, once they’re off the ark and the flood is over, Noah is off getting stone-cold drunk and wandering around naked. Drunk Noah probably isn’t in your nursery mural.

Apparently that rebuke struck pretty close to home for one of our pastors. And he provided the photographic evidence to indict himself. These were too good not to share. For privacy reasons, I won’t tell you his initials, but his name is “Danny Franks.”

His explanation is worth including, too:

In light of yesterday’s message… 1. Yes, we were “those people,” and our son Jacob was “that baby.”

2. Yes, this was during the days of Veggie Tales on VHS and WAY-FM on the radio (the truer and better K-Love).

3. Yes, if I had it to do all over again, I would paint a little drunk & naked Precious Moments Noah in the corner.

IMG_5727 IMG_5726

The Fearsome Biscuit

Posted by Pastor J.D. on March 15, 2015

I do my best to ensure that my sermons are well researched. But every now and then, something slips through the cracks. Case in point: today I mentioned how bizarre it was that Gideon’s army would be represented by a cake of barley bread (Judges 7:13-14). I said, “A dinner roll? A biscuit? That’s not intimidating. You don’t hear sports teams shouting out, ‘Go Biscuits!’”

Well, I stand corrected–by several of the Summit faithful, in fact. Because if you live in Montgomery and you like minor league baseball, then you are, in fact, a Biscuit fanatic:


biscuits 1


biscuits 2

The folks in Montgomery seem to have quite a bit of fun. In addition to naming their baseball team the Biscuits, they have several mascots. One is a giant biscuit named “Monty.” Another is an orange creature named “Big Mo,” known for his love of biscuits. And just last year, they added a live mascot, a miniature pot-belly pig, named “Miss Gravy, Duchess of Pork.” Not too crummy, if you ask me.

The Hilarious Hazards of Missionary Life

Posted by Pastor J.D. on September 9, 2014

Russ Woodbridge is one of our missionaries serving in Ukraine. The following note was recently on his family’s blog, and reveals some of the more bizarre hazards that come when you sign yourself up for life overseas. It could be worse, of course.

We are officially famous in Ukraine now. Well, sort of. The second picture was taken by our friend, Joe Ragan, while driving through Kremenchug on his way to Kiev. The caption on the billboard says in Ukrainian something like, “Solid Family – Strong Ukraine,” which made us laugh even harder. Apparently I did not look like a Cossack or Ukrainian, so they changed my facial hair. We are waiting to see this advertisement in Kiev and are grateful that we are not advertising for vodka or something else. And no, we had not idea our photo was ripped off for the billboard. Someone said that we could take them to court. Now that is really funny if you know how the courts operate in Ukraine. 


The original:


The billboard in Kremenchug: