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What If Suffering . . . Is a Gift?

Posted by guest on August 1, 2016

This guest post comes from one of our Summit members, Sarah Short, inspired by a recent message on Psalm 73.

Have you ever known someone who seemingly has it all but grumbles and complains through life? Maybe they have money, fame, good health, and success and yet, they’re never really content?

On the contrary – have you ever known someone, either up close or through reading or watching their story unfold, go through a season (or an entire life) of suffering – and do so with this intangible, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it joy? Amidst great pain and heartache, they somehow have this underlying, seemingly supernatural peace.

Why are we so drawn to the latter? What is it about these people? What is that thing they have that makes no sense at all? Why aren’t they angry? Why aren’t they bitter?

- How can someone whose body is ravaged with cancer have that kind of joy?
- Why would someone trust a God that would allow his or her child to suffer?
- Why are they not constantly angry, grumbling, and furious at God for allowing their circumstances?

When we see something beautiful and lovely and joyful sprouting up out of circumstances of despair, it just seems incomprehensible.

But what about this? What if there is something in suffering that produces this unlikely joy?

What if suffering … is a gift? 

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This guest post comes from Sarah Short, inspired by a recent message on Jacob and Leah.

Have you ever experienced deep disappointment and heartache? The kind that blows up your life, makes you angry, and causes you to question God’s goodness to you?

I have. Most people I know have. And, I’m guessing you have, too.

- Maybe someone deeply hurt and betrayed you.

- Maybe you really wanted something to work out, and it just didn’t. Maybe you feel like it never does. 

- Maybe you are suffering with a life-threatening physical illness. Or someone you love is.

- Maybe you’re lonely, certain that your loneliness will swallow you whole.

Maybe, like so many, you’re wondering, What is God POSSIBLY doing with my broken heart?” 

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A few weeks ago, during our Men’s Conference, we had a short panel discussion with several of the leaders in our church. Since my own dad was in attendance, I asked him to come (with literally no advanced notice) and participate. Many of the men there said that he was the best part of the whole conference! So I thought I’d share of that for those of you who couldn’t come. This is my dad, the one and only Lynn Greear, reflecting on the importance of time with God.

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