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Here at the Summit, we’ve set the audacious goal of planting 1,000 churches in our generation. If we’re going to be successful in this, the next wave of church planters is most likely sitting in our kids and student ministries right now. The paradigm for student ministry across the country desperately needs to shift from seating capacity to sending capacity, and there are only a few voices out there that actually care about seeing that happen.

Thankfully, our pastor of family ministries, Jason Gaston, is one of those voices. Here is a great post from him describing some of his passion in equipping our students to be a part of God’s mission. (You can view the original here. This is Part 3 of a series: be sure to also check out Part 1 and Part 2 on his blog.)

All of the students in your ministry will eventually move on to the next season of their lives. That next season may be attending school somewhere, going into the workplace, joining the military, or the “I’m not quite so sure what I want to do so I guess I’ll do nothing while living at home with mom and keep trying to come to youth group and hang out with all of my friends” season. The question now is, “How do you prepare them to think missionally about that decision?”

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In Psalm 127, Solomon refers to children as a “heritage” or an “inheritance” from the Lord. It’s easy to miss how revolutionary that statement is. Solomon isn’t saying that children will receive our inheritance. He is saying that they are our inheritance. But what does that mean?

It means that the most important task we have as a church is to teach the next generation the gospel.

An inheritance is what you leave behind for future generations. So when a church thinks about what they are “leaving behind” for their city, they shouldn’t be thinking of ministry plans or church buildings, but kids. The children in our church are the first ones that God has given us to win for the gospel. They are the inheritance we are leaving for our city.

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I had a lot of fun filming these 10-second video promos for Ready to Launch with Veronica. She automatically brings the “watchability” factor up about 200%. I’m thinking that from now on I should only write these kinds of studies with her, since the end product is this good. Plus it’s just makes for a happier me.

We’re still awaiting our reality television offers, by the way. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m sure they’re coming…eventually.

For more information, check out the Ready to Launch website.

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