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I had a lot of fun filming these 10-second video promos for Ready to Launch with Veronica. She automatically brings the “watchability” factor up about 200%. I’m thinking that from now on I should only write these kinds of studies with her, since the end product is this good. Plus it’s just makes for a happier me.

We’re still awaiting our reality television offers, by the way. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m sure they’re coming…eventually.

For more information, check out the Ready to Launch website.

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My friend Trevin Wax recently asked Veronica and me to highlight our new parenting resource, Ready to Launch, on his blog. He was a gracious host, so I’ve included some of the interview Q&A here. You can read the original interview on his blog.


Trevin: The world tells parents they should be centered on kids; as a pastor, you tell parents they should be centered on Jesus. The primary responsibility of both the church and the home is to teach the next generation the gospel.

Some people may hear a statement like that and think “teaching” in the classroom sense of getting your kids to sit down in rows and hear you tell Bible stories. That’s not what you’re talking about here. What does a broader vision of teaching your kids the gospel look like?

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Many parents have what I like to call the “Beatles philosophy of parenting”: all you need is love. And with all of the (generally unsolicited) advice out there for parents, I can understand the allure. How are we supposed to discern the legitimate parenting gems from the downright garbage? Far better to simply love our kids and hope for the best…right?

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