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One of the big prayers we have at the Summit is that God would raise up our students to help fulfill the Great Commission. We consistently challenge our college students to give one summer and the first two years after graduation to actively engage in the mission of God. This summer, we’ve seen the floodgates open, as over 100 college students stepped up to give their summer to mission.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending these 100+ students out to 10 different countries, so that they can partner with our long-term church planters there. We’re praying that each and every one of them would come to know Jesus in a new way through this experience, and that this summer would equip them to live out the mission of God for the rest of their lives.

And for all of you college students thinking, “Maybe I should check that out,” you’re right. Check out the GoNow website for more.

Everyone who has been in ministry will tell you there are times that are simply grueling: days that wear you out, beat you down, and leave you feeling empty. But there are also times when seeing God at work can take your breath away–again. I’m incredibly thankful to be at a church in which I’m constantly hearing stories of God moving in people’s lives. And I never want to take that for granted.

So when Jason Gaston, our Family Ministries Pastor, sent me a draft of our “Family Ministry Pipeline,” I got downright fired up. I’m simply thrilled to have my kids grow up in a church that has this kind of missional intentionality when it comes to our student and kids ministries. After all, if we’re going to plant 1,000 churches in this generation, then many of our future missionaries are in our kids ministry right nowThis document (still a work in progress) represents a huge step of faith and will prove to be an indispensable roadmap for the years ahead.

Check it out: Missions Pipeline_Summit Family Ministries

There is a myth among Christians today when it comes to the idea of calling. Many of us are sitting around waiting for some “second call” before we really start to leverage our lives for the mission of God. The reality is that the call to follow Jesus included a call to follow him in his mission. The Great Commission was not a special calling for an elite few, but a mandate for every follower.

That’s why, here at the Summit, we say that the question is no longer whether you’re called to the mission of God—only where and how. Not all of us are supposed to go into full-time ministry, but God has given each of us something he expects us to leverage for the Great Commission. As we often say, “Do what you do well for the glory of God; and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God.”

That’s why I’m challenging every one of our college students to take advantage of the opportunities we are providing for you in mission. I want you to consider two opportunities specifically: (1) Give one summer to one of our mission projects; and (2) spend the first two years after college as part of one of our church plants.

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