Wisdom For Your Weekend – 11/23/12

Posted by Chris Pappalardo on November 23, 2012

Each Friday J.D. is going to start sharing a small snapshot of what he has been reading or listening to on the web–a sort of Christian “best of the web.” We’re calling it Wisdom For Your Weekend. It should give you some thoughts to ponder, helping you through those boring weekend days and back to the joy and excitement of Monday.
~Chris Pappalardo

Book of the Week

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work, Tim Keller

Articles of the Week

“Do Pro-Life Policies Even Matter?” Kevin DeYoung

“Six Simple Ways to be Missional,” Tim Chester

“Adultery And Leadership,” Thom Rainer

“The Joyful Pursuit of Multi-Ethnic Churches,” Jemar Tisby

Reviews of the Week

Two reviews of Rachel Held Evans’ A Year of Biblical Womanhood:

One by Mary Kassian . . .

. . . and one by Kathy Keller. Mrs. Keller’s is a particularly insightful, and rather incisive, review of Evans’ book. This is the kind of review you’d never want someone to write of your book. I think it is fair and mostly helpful.


Chris Pappalardo

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Chris Pappalardo is a follower of Christ, the Communications Director at The Summit Church, and a Ph.D. candidate at SEBTS. He has the joy of being married to the love of his life, Jenn, and being the father of the eminently adorable Charlotte.

2 responses to Wisdom For Your Weekend – 11/23/12

  1. Interesting article by Kevin about the pro-life movement. He said correlation doesn’t always mean causation, and he is right. This is especially true with regards to “red” and “blue” states, causes that involve very much more than just abortion policies.

    But let’s assume a study of worldwide abortion laws, while controlling as much as possible, determined that total legal bans on all abortions actually causes abortion rates to increase in those jurisdictions. Would you then consider encouraging the voters who follow your lead to try their best to let abortion to remain legal in our jurisdiction in order to keep the actual rates as low as possible?

    If saving (what you believe to be) lives is you’re goal, then I would hope so. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/18/abortion-rates-higher-countries-illegal-study_n_1215045.html

  2. Thank you for posting these items… very inforative and helpful in guiding study and thought. Please keep this going!



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