gospelCould the gospel be lost in evangelical churches? In this book, J.D. Greear shows how moralism and legalism have often eclipsed the gospel, even in conservative churches. Gospel cuts through the superficiality of religion and reacquaints you with the revolutionary truth of God’s gracious acceptance of us in Christ. The gospel is the power of God, and the only true source of joy, freedom, radical generosity, and audacious faith. The gospel produces in us what religion never could: a heart that desires God.

The book’s core is a “gospel prayer” by which you can saturate yourself in the gospel daily. Dwelling on the gospel will release in you new depths of passion for God and take you to new heights of obedience to Him. Gospel gives you an applicable, exciting vision of how God will use you to bring His healing to the world.

“¿Qué es El Evangelio?” en Español


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  1. I am the Faith Based Coordinator at a local prison. I have a group of men that I am able to teach Christian principles. Do you have study guides for your book and do you have it in Spanish?
    Thank you.

  2. Chris Pappalardo October 31, 2013 at 2:59 pm


    Sadly, as of now we don’t have Spanish resources for these books. You may try contacting B&H Publishing to ask about prospects for that.

  3. Hello,

    Our church is interested in using your book to do it further studying the Gospel. We were wondering if there was a discount if we were to buy 50-100 more copies.



  4. Chris Pappalardo January 13, 2014 at 2:49 pm


    Glad to hear that you’re planning use “Gospel” for your church. If you’re looking for a discount on a bulk purchase, my suggestion would be to contact the publisher (B & H Publishing) directly.

  5. Hello. My name is Bobby. I am totally blind and wasn’t sure where else to leave this comment. It’s about your book Stop Asking Jesus Into your heart. I was listening to your book last night. Baptized four times and the assurance chapter really spoke to me. Could you email me so I could talk with your further about this? I’m not sure this forum is the propper venue to discuss this book since we’re talking about another book here, and by the way is this book also available through christianaudio.com? Thank you and God bless you.

  6. Hi, I’ve read your book with our discipleship school and wanted to share its content with my family but it being in English would be really hard for them to follow. Do you have a French version of your book?

  7. Chris Pappalardo April 11, 2014 at 8:13 am


    Sadly, Pastor J.D.’s “Gospel” hasn’t made it to the French language yet. But if you get enough people to tell the publisher (B&H Books), maybe they’ll consider a translation!

  8. Is the GOSPEL in audio format?

  9. yes it is! check amazon’s page for a link.

  10. The book is now available in French… it was translated and published in 2014 by Éditions Cruciforme.

  11. Hi can you possible leave a link or the product code for the audio book – I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

  12. Pete,

    Sorry for the delayed reply, but I wanted to make sure of the answer before I got back to you.

    The short (and unfortunate) answer for you is that there ISN’T an audio version of Gospel. Hence your inability to find it! I’m sorry about that, and hope that one day soon the publishers will decide that Gospel on audiobook is a good idea.

    Merry Christmas!

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