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Gospel: 5 Tests to Determine if Your Church Is Truly Gospel-Centered

Assurance of Salvation:
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What if I don’t feel saved?

Multi-culturalism (7-part series): Why Pursue Racial Integration? (A Biblical Answer)

Prayer: Pray God’s Words Back to Him: Claiming the Promises of God

Baptism: Why We Sometimes Baptize on the Spot

Work: What Makes Business Christian

Judging Others: 7 Signs You’re Judging Others

Homosexuality (5-part series): How Should the Church Talk about Same-Sex Attraction

Multi-Site (4-part series): Is multi-site evangelistically effective?

Men & Women in ministry: Can Women Teach in the Church?

Alcohol: Christians and Drinking Alcohol

Pastor J.D., Are You a Calvinist?
Don’t Be a Fundamentalist (Calvinist or Otherwise)