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“The Influence of C.S. Lewis,” Tim Keller & John Piper. For someone who was “not a theologian,” C.S. Lewis sure has had a lot of theological impact. Piper interviews Keller about what made Lewis so distinct and why he has had such a lasting influence on Keller’s ministry.

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For all of the action in the book of Acts, it has an oddly unsatisfying ending: “Paul lived there [in Rome] two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance” (Acts 28:30–31).

Haven’t the last 8 chapters been all about Paul getting to stand before Caesar? Does he get there? And what happens then? We don’t know. And didn’t Paul want to go on from Rome to preach the gospel in Spain afterward? Did that happen? We don’t know. Acts doesn’t tell us.

Acts ends in a cliff-hanger. Luke doesn’t tell us what happens to Paul and his aspirations. Why? Because Acts isn’t about Paul or his dreams. It’s about the Spirit and the gospel. Paul would eventually die, beheaded by the Emperor Nero. But here we are—the church—2,000 years later, proving to Nero that you can kill and imprison Paul, but you can’t stop the gospel he preached.

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You read that right: Jonathan Edwards just published a new book. No, not the puritan Jonathan Edwards, but a friend of mine by the same name. You need to check out LEFT: The Struggle To Make Sense Of Life When A Parent Leaves. This is a raw, well-written account of a heart-rending journey. Filled with gospel hope. Readers will find their own stories, in big or small ways, reflected in Jonathan’s account of a young man seeking in everything what he could only find in God.

Get copy of the book (available in both print and e-version) here.