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Wisdom For Your (Thanksgiving) Weekend: your weekly installment of things we’ve been reading (and watching) around the web. Brought to you early this week because we’re outta here for Thanksgiving! 

Video of the Week

You Need the Whole Bible (Even if You Don’t Know Why), Russell Moore. Wise words here from the president of the ERLC. It’s not merely enough for us to know how to answer Christianity’s accusers today. If we want to be truly prepared to address any challenge in our future, we need to get the Bible so into our blood that we have biblical intuitions. “You need Leviticus. You need Philemon. You need the entire Bible in ways you don’t even know … yet.”

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The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have caused a lot of public debate—surrounding issues of immigration (broadly), refugees (specifically), public safety, the nature of Islam, the role of compassion, and much more. In light of this, we reached out to one of our Summit missionaries working in a predominantly Muslim context, to ask if he felt threatened or unsafe. His response has a lot to teach us about what it means to risk it all for Christ:

I have been thinking all morning about an answer to your question. First of all, I totally understand the response of fear. We, as people, fear what is unknown, and Islam is both very unfamiliar and very threatening as a whole right now.

But as Muslim countries go, ours is far from threatening or dangerous. We live surrounded by Muslim neighbors and friends. My family, with young children, lives miles from the nearest other foreigners, yet not once have we felt threatened. In a country where nearly everyone claims Islam, there has been absolutely no danger from religious violence. I’ve actually been more worried about my neighbors in the U.S. wanting harm for us.

To put things in perspective, in the last 15 years, the U.S. has had one major terrorist attack and a few other smaller ones (not to mention the many others that have been caught before being successful). There have also been a dozen mass shootings, everywhere from malls to elementary schools. That’s just the United States. Look at London, Paris, and numerous cities in Europe and North America—“safe” places. They’ve been hit with many targeted attacks. In that same time period, we’ve seen nothing like that—no large terrorist attacks, no school shootings.

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Wisdom For Your Weekend: your weekly installment of things we’ve been reading (and watching) around the web.

Articles of the Week

In Light of the Paris Attacks, Is It Time to Eradicate Religion? Miroslav Volf. It’s become vogue to equate violence with religion, as if the latter caused the former. Volf points out that the data simply doesn’t support that theory. In fact, more often than not, religion acts as a force deterring violence.

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